Kerala CSC VLE Association

Terms and Conditions

CSC Kerala VLE Association's main priority is to support all CSC-VLE irrespective of their CSC ID Holders all over in Kerala. Any CSC VLE (Akshaya excluded), whose centre verification is done by District Managers is eligible to become a member.

Member is responsible to give all mandatory CSC services to citizens.

For membership, users should pay Rs: 1000/- (One Thousand) as a membership fee for one time and monthly contribution of Rs: 100/- (one Hundred) per month for a Financial Year.

The registration fee and subscription fee is not refundable.

Members are bound to follow the rules and regulations of this association.

Members should never do any malpractice by using the user credentials, if so, it will be treated as punishable offense and will be escalated to the law with immediate effect.